Philofisi...seems a new name....yeah, I combined the two Greek words, Philo and fisi to make this word...."Philo"means love and "fisi" means literally Philofisi means the love of nature.... Of course we all love nature but we like to enjoy it rather to understand it... Understanding nature definitely increase the pleasures of enjoying nature... This blog is dedicated to my love of nature.... so I will try to bring the topics related to nature in very light way....The reason that I chose the word of "Philofisi" is rooted in my understanding that we are returning to the age of naturalist not because that we get tired of specialization but because it provides enormous opportunities to uncover the secrets of nature and help us in better understanding of nature.... until now we tended to simplify or reduce facts to get the basic principles of nature...but Scientists are slowly realizing that nature cannot be grasped by simplified natural laws... It is why we see...Newtonian Physics....Quantum Physics...and Choas Physics are complementing each other.... Biologists likes to view the world with simplistic perspective of natural selection but it seems that they are also realizing that life is more complex that could be explained so easily.... Like Physics it needs to depart toward multi-mechanistic approach... I think this small introduction is not the place to discuss all these issues so I invite you to explore the blog and enjoy yourself :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ecologists as Clergies…

The moment you settle down on some constants to draw conclusions, beware, you are stepping out of reality. The reason? Well, the reason is that, reality is organic and evolution as the dominant process of nature is a rebellion against finitude. Don’t believe it? Take a moment to refresh your memories and look back and you will see that we know both the history of life and earth as a record of series of catastrophes that have replaced one reality by another. There is a consensus that life was started in water and it was not until, Ordovician that some amphibious animals and plants started colonizing land and then in middle Devonian trees colonized the land and made it possible for animals to spread across land. Avian creatures evolved to colonize the air and now human are imagining and struggling to colonize the space. Simply, the evolution didn’t like the limitations of water, land or air and now having an into space (And we certainly do not know if there are space creatures out there or not). Life needs a break and if the break is not permitted, it just breaks. Imagine, if you were a Tyrannosaurus, the most dominant terrestrial vertebrate and aware of your 160 million years of dominance on face of earth, would you imagine that one day, the only place where people could make guesses on you while looking at your skeleton are museums? Human history is not an exception. The fall and rise of nations make the core of the human history.
Apart from the physical form of life where catastrophes are inevitable, human always liked to grasp intellectually on reality and have a whole picture of reality as if the reality is not tied to evolving world. Well, Scholars of every era have been disappointed by the fact that they couldn’t come up with a coherent reality that could be used to explain with certainty. No one is more aware of this fact than Philosophers so it is why we see a discontent within contemporary Philosophers with what once people thought invincible and that is “Science” or “Scientific reality”.
If we call our time as age of “ecology” it wouldn’t be wrong as it is very long that popular fields of Science like Quantum Physics and Astrophysics are silent to bring some new realities as it famously did before. Newtonian Space was replaced by that of Einsteinian Space and now the news, that neutrino has a speed slightly more than speed of light have put a big question mark and disbelief in Einsteinian Universe also. World is waiting for a new Universe to replace it but there is deep silence. The only field that talks and talks a lot is “Ecology” so it is justified if we call it the age of ecology.
As I mentioned before, Philosophers have problem with the age of ecology as they think that ecology has become a new religion and ecologists have started playing the role of clergies. It is not me who says so, it is a Philosopher, Slavoj Zizek who says so and I think, it is worth to ponder upon. Have ecologists started to finite human potentials by trying to enforce the strict rules of “Do and Do not” as once religions were doing? Are we pushed into a new dark age, now chaired by ecologists? I am not sure, as our age has a different mechanism where people do not accept authorities and wherever it is enforced, people tend to rebel. What I am really sure as I said in the beginning that life likes break and if breaks are not permitted, it just breaks. So the moment we settle down on some constants to draw conclusions, we must be aware that we are stepping out of reality………. I am not sure if you got what I wanted to say or not…Just kidding :)

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